Position: “Meals-On-Wheels” Driver


11:00 – 1:00 Monday through Friday. Usually a volunteer will choose a day or two during the week or allow us to call them on a substitute basis.

There are several different routes from the Center each weekday. They currently are as follows:  Waterbury Center & Waterbury Center, Duxbury, Moretown, and Middlesex.

    1. Deliver meals to homebound individuals.
    2. Be cheerful and welcoming to all individuals we deliver to.
    3. Notify the center office staff if any one on your route did not answer their door or you have other concerns.



  1. Arrive at the center a few minutes before 11:00am. Pick up the meals from the kitchen.
  2. Be sure to count all of your bags & hot meals, If you have questions ask the kitchen staff before you leave.
  3. Deliver meals to the designated people. If anyone does not answer the door, do not leave the meal (unless you have received other specific instructions).
  4. Notify the office staff if anyone was not at home or if you have other concerns.
  5. Keep track of your miles for reimbursement at current federal rate at $.555 per mile.

Providing the elderly residents of Waterbury, Duxbury, Bolton, Moretown, and Middlesex with programs and services to enrich their lives.